Our Story

Toddle Toy is a place to find creative alternatives to the wooden toys you love! 
Toddle Toy began with a dream to make the best wooden toys possible that had a real purpose. Our mission is to make a difference in family life and the life of every child. Every day, we look for creative ways to take ordinary everyday objects and turn them into timeless and durable wooden toys that build confidence in your child.

Our toys are designed to grow with your child, encourage imagination, learning, incorporate real-life skills, and build fine motor skills. All of our toys are manufactured in an eco-friendlily way and they are designed and tested to meet and in most cases exceed the strictest international toy safety standards. This means you can be assured you are safe with us. 

At Toddle Toy we continue with our dream every day, we are doing what we love and we really love what we do. We love to bring the best wooden toys to a child’s play world, a world of magic and imagination, a world that Toddle Toy can help unfold. We really want to make a difference for every child!

Join us, Let’s be creative and Let’s have fun. Let’s make a real difference together!